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My name is Vilma Vicente and i graduated in Fine Arts in the University of Lisbon where I first started to study and develop my love for photography, video and media.

I have been working in the Sports Media industry for more than 10 years, both in front and behind the lens.

I am very passionate about everything involving outdoor sports and the Ocean has always played a major part in my life from the moment i started surfing.

I LOVE filming, taking pictures and capturing the moment…. It could be a Pro rider Busting out a huge air or just someone’s massive smile when they catch their first wave. Each moment is very special and unique.


‘In front and behind the lens’ :

Camera and Filming for Windsurfing.TV

LIVE Host World Tour Sports Events from ASP World Surf LeagueAPB World Tour and PWA World Windsurfing Tour.

Contents Manager, www.beachcam.meo.pt

TV Show Host and Contents Manager, FUEL TV

TV Show Host, Extreme Sports Channel

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